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I'm still writing. But it's taken a different form. (Seems I've burned my bridges in the newspaper business. Or the bridges were removed without my noticing it. Take your pick.)

Timidity seems to be the order of the day in journalism these days. Even editorials in city dailies are often milquetoast.

Few writers pause to think, research or analyze. Too bad.

Journalism is now more about what I call the relentless pursuit of the obvious.

Freelance writing is the rubric under which many non-writers labour — content to make 5¢ a word for content mills. Hell, I made 10¢ a word for a 2,500-word feature in 1987. (I was in heaven. It was my first paid gig.)

We all must move on. Change is good, though I certainly do not have to embrace what I see as an increasing drift to mediocrity.

My focus for more than 20 years has been the ecological health of Lake Winnipeg. I now spend my free time writing about the lake. See facebook.com/lakewinnipegbulletin. The Facebook page has reached thousands of people.

Also see www.lakewinnipegbulletin.wordpress.com  


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Phone: (204) 641-1499


About Us

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