• Jim Mosher

All hands on deck for spring thaw in Beach

A rapid thaw March 30, 2017 pushed up large chunks of ice onto the Prospect St. bridge over Boundary Creek. The town is keeping an eye on the creek in a focussed effort to ensure there is not a repeat of that event, which damaged the bridge.

— Jim Mosher file photo

Ditches in Winnipeg Beach are being cleared to make the way clear for the often high volumes of water entering the system from the west.

Mayor Tony Pimentel said that the town’s public works staff has been keeping a weather eye for problem areas.

“We’re doing the ditching — we’re pretty well along on that,” the mayor said during council’s regular meeting last Wednesday. “We’re keeping an eye on potential problem areas.”

Pimentel says the biggest flooding threat is to the south of the town. "Our concern here in Winnipeg Beach is lake levels, but we’re not foreseeing any problems, though there could be some overland flooding.”

That will depend on the rapidity of the spring thaw west of the community. “We’ve got to watch for that potential [source of] flooding, “ he said. “We’ve got to make sure we’ve done the ditches.”

Public works staff will also be closely monitoring Boundary Creek. Two years ago, a rapid thaw churned up large blocks of ice at the bridge over Prospect St. Public works staff have already done some preventive steps.

The water on the west side of the bridge was flowing downstream today but seemed to be blocked at the west side, though some water was getting through to the marina. Water was also flowing downstream from the creek at Hwy. 9.

Water was flowing into the culvert on the west side of the Prospect St. bridge today, but the east side had yet to break open, below.

Water was flowing nicely downstream along Boundary Creek on the east side of Hwy. 9 today. That could change suddenly as the creek takes on more flow from the west.

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