• Jim Mosher

What's this 'What's Up Everyone?'

By Jim Mosher

Welcome to the first edition of What’s Up Everyone.

It’s something that’s been banging about in my head for some time. But I come to its realization with some trepidation. Having spent more than 30 years as a print journalist, I kept the faith that we would rebound and find a way to continue to be meaningful to readers as a print product.

That, arguably naïve scenario, changed abruptly in mid-August 2018 when the last issue of the Interlake Enterprise was printed. We had always hoped against hope that we would survive the maelstrom; the storm that had been swirling around traditional print media for years.

We faced many disadvantages. We were a cobbled together crew of good writers at the good ship Enterprise. None of us derived our full income from the paper but we were all as one mind. We had to survive.

At a point, however, even fervent hopes and effort must give way to stark truths. We were but one of three newspapers in a cramped market. Our end had been written long before our sudden end happened. It caught us all off-guard, nevertheless.

What’s Up Everyone is the name given to this project by Vern Sabeski, who years founded the web company All-Net.ca.

I spoke with Vern, a friend and a master of all things digital, shortly after the shuttering of the Enterprise. He suggested a web presence; one that could be built up over time to attract readership.

It would be focussed on providing news, informed analysis and commentary about municipal, provincial and national affairs.

It took me months to get around to writing this first issue. I couldn’t write, thought I’d lost it.

The name of this news blog reminded me of James Joyce’s HCE, the short form for ‘Here Comes Everybody’. HCE anticipated what Marshall McLuhan would later call ‘the global village’; one made possible with then-emerging global communication media.

Well, we’re there now — and have been for 50 years, though only futurists and philosophers seemed to have seen it coming. The explosion of social-media platforms in just the last 10 to 15 years has proved the allure of realtime communication.

Daily newspapers play catch up because their ‘news’ is often a day late.

What’s Up Everyone is a small attempt to keep people in the early loop with fresh news and analysis — but even that is tough.

The whole idea is to present news and analysis that is current and relevant. It is a daunting task.

I think we at WUE can make a difference for our readers and those who read this news blog.

And that is precisely what this digital effort is about.

Forgive me if this first outing comes up short. I’m still getting my digital sea legs. But be assured that I will get back to doing the work I once did … always with readers in mind.

There is more to come.

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