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Letters and other input welcome

Our focus on this site is news and analysis informed by my 30 years as a journalist. It can get a little bit dry.

One person can’t do it all on an occasional and unpaid basis. And one person’s views become too much.

Leaving aside for a moment the problematic issue of monetizing the site, What’s Up Everyone needs a broader focus, an infusion of ideas from different perspectives. One way to achieve that is by opening a Letters-to-Editor section. People appreciate letters about the goings-on in their home communities.

Please e-mail me your letters at jmosher2@mymts.net. Include a phone number and home community. Your phone number will not be included in the published version.

WUE is generating growing interest.

We have published three letters to-date, the viewership of which has been more than 10,000. There are others on the way.

We have encouraged this input with the letter-writers but now that we see there is a lot of understandable pick-up, we think we need to broaden the scope to our full readership.

The nice thing about being a web-based platform is that length is not an issue, though it’s nice to have succinct letters, particularly ones that reference news or analysis pieces that appeared here first and only.

In addition this week, we introduce a fiction, poetry, essay page with the same submission coordinates and the same rules we have described for letters.

On the fiction-essay-poetry piece, we would ask that submissions include some biographical information, a picture relevant to the subject at-hand and exact language. We will not edit any submissions in this category. It is preferred that all submissions be in Word or copied into the body of a text.

Again, to confirm provenance, we require a telephone number and address, the latter of which will not be published on-line, save the author’s town or city of residence.

We have provided an example by way of a fiction piece written by the editor.

We look forward to your submissions.



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